“Faith Fighting Cancer graciously donated the Savi Scout device that is used in the Houston Methodist Breast Care Center at The Woodlands for nearly every localization that we have performed since 2017.

This device allows the radiologist to localize breast cancers with a radiofrequency reflector for patients undergoing lumpectomies. If we did not have this machine, we would have to place wire localizations into patient’s breasts with wires that stick out of the skin the same day of surgery until the patient goes into the operating room.

With the Savi Scout, the patient can be scheduled any time prior to the scheduled surgery. The device is deployed into the breast and the patient can resume normal activity until the day of the surgery. The radiofrequency reflector is placed where the tumor is located. This puts out a signal with a wand and guides the surgeon to the area that needs to be removed.

We are very appreciative to Faith Fighting Cancer for donating this device for our patients.

Faith Fighting Cancer has also worked hand-in-hand with our Oncology Nurse Navigator to assist patients in need — helping patients with paying for their utilities, food, gas, etc.
They are an excellent partner in our community and continue to do many great things for our patients.”

Whitney Arriaga, RN, MBA, NE-BC
Director, Oncology Services
Houston Methodist The Woodlands Hospital

The generosity of FAITH “Fighting Cancer” in Montgomery County has been remarkable. I have worked with these wonderful people who raise money to assist patients during financial hardship while undergoing cancer treatment. Their resources help with transportation costs, medicines, food, and childcare during cancer treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center in The Woodlands.

As a Montgomery County resident and physician taking care of cancer patients, I cannot thank FAITH enough for all they do for us. We are so fortunate to have such a dedicated group of people with big hearts helping our community.

Pamela J. Schlembach, M.D.
Professor, University of Texas
MD Anderson Cancer, The Woodlands

Thank you to FAITH “Fighting Cancer” in Montgomery County for your generous donation in support of Canopy, a new cancer survivorship center at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Hospital opening this spring.

A first-of-its-kind cancer survivorship center in the Houston area, Canopy will offer free programs and services addressing the emotional, physical, and social needs of those touched by cancer.

Linda M. Nelson
Director of Marketing
Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Hospital

“As a beneficiary of the miraculous work performed at M D Anderson, I am honored to participate in FAITH’s Designated Fund benefiting M D Anderson-The Woodlands Regional Care Center. We are an incredible community, often helping people from all over the world, and your generosity to FAITH has benefited Montgomery County residents in their FIGHT AGAINST CANCER.”

Nelda Luce Blair

Our partners at FAITH are passionate about breast cancer screening – just like us.  With their support over the last 10 years, hundreds of low-income women have received free mammograms at Lone Star Family Health Center.  Most walk away with a clean bill of health and peace of mind. Others are informed of any issues and connected to free diagnostic services for follow-up. On behalf of these Lone Star patients, thank you FAITH for empowering women in Montgomery county to take control of their health.

Karen Harwell, CPA
Chief Executive Officer Lone Star Family Health Center