About Us

Our organization was named in honor of Faith Walston, who was tireless in her volunteer efforts to help people. Her legacy of helping local cancer patients and their families lives on through the efforts of FAITH “Fighting Cancer”.

According to our president Barbara Hilton, “We’ve seen children in a two-income family go from playing in the backyard to becoming a pediatric cancer patient of a one-income family, because one parent has to stay at the hospital with the sick child. We’ve also seen those who can’t afford to go to the doctor or receive preventative care. We see people who refuse help because they see others who need assistance more. We want to make life better for residents in our own community.”

“The experience of helping others in need is both rewarding and humbling", said FAITH’s Treasurer Mary Beth Oglesby. “It is also a responsibility we take very seriously. With so many area businesses and individuals trusting us with their money, we see that every dollar makes the greatest gift to our community.”

Our Board of Directors

Barbara Hilton — President

Maggie Marmack — Vice President/Secretary

Mary Beth Oglesby — Treasurer

Pat Bourgeois

Linda Cunningham 

Janice Green

Kay Hohman

Karen Lonon

Frances McDougal                                                                                                                           Angell Wright

Most of the Board Members have dealt with cancer either personally or with close family members and friends. They realize that not only the patient but also the entire family can go through traumatic changes—and assistance may be hard to find.

The generosity of FAITH “Fighting Cancer” in Montgomery County has been remarkable.  I have worked with these wonderful people who raise money to assist patients during financial hardship while undergoing cancer treatment.  Their resources help with transportation costs, medicines, food, and childcare during cancer treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center in The Woodlands.

As a Montgomery County resident and physician taking care of cancer patients, I cannot thank FAITH enough for all they do for us. We are so fortunate to have such a dedicated group of people with big hearts helping our community.

Pamela J. Schlembach, M.D.

Professor, University of Texas

MD Anderson Cancer, The Woodlands